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Prognos Raises $20.5M Series C

January 31, 2018

Detection can be the difference between getting cured or succumbing to disease in many cases.  As health records and diagnostics all go digital, a wealth of data is being created and recorded that can be used to prevent disease.  Prognos sits at the center of this growing market and application.  Leveraging AI and a number of sophisticated algorithms, the Prognos platform analyzes clinical lab results to drive decisions early. While we often read about AI being used to some trivial application, this startup has the potential to literally change the world with its ground breaking technology.

AlleyWatch sat down with CEO and cofounder, Sundeep Bhan to learn more about the startup, its origin, future plans, and most recent round of funding.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

This was a Series C round, which raised $20.5 million. Our existing investors are Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (GHI), and Safeguard Scientifics who also invested in Prognos during this round. The new investors are Cigna, GIS Strategic Ventures (the venture capital arm of the Guardian Life Insurance Company), Hermed, Hikma Ventures and Maywic.

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